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Here's what clients are saying about their experience working with Angie.

"Working with Angie has been incredibly helpful for me as I have managed to get some really clear goals set. These were not to satisfy anyone else but totally all for me! She has been so supportive and helped me understand parts of my journey and what I have loved the most is her enthusiasm. It's like having a cheerleader who believed in me even when I was struggling to make sense if it all and that has been the most empowering thing for me. Thank you Angie."

Urmi R. 

London, UK

"My life has been fairly stable but my situation recently changed and I felt I needed direction and clarity. The wisdom in Angie’s questions allowed me to discover and learn how to be more present. Consequently, I’ve learned to have a healthy relationship with time and enjoy the benefits of being more present. I highly recommend Angie if you’re seeking answers in life. Her skill in curious questioning truly helps a person discover those answers within themselves!"

Oscar Rivas. 
Murrieta, CA, USA 

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I loved working with Angie! Her enthusiasm and the ability to truly listen to another person is so precious. She really helped me to notice some of my limiting beliefs by asking the right and deep questions as well as form some simple daily habits for a happier and more positive life. We covered different parts of my life such as relationships, changing my career path as well as motivation. Her knowledge and skills turned out to be well-applicable to each one of them. I feel like with every session we went deeper and I was able to learn more about myself. Also, Angie has such an effortless ability to build strong connections that only makes you feel comfortable to share and open up. Thank you Angie, I am very grateful that we have met!

Patrycja K.
London, UK

"Angie really allows me the comfort to fully express myself in a safe space. She asks all of the right questions to challenge you, but without being imposing. She truly gives you practical tools that you can incorporate into your day-to-day for a more positive outlook on life. She really helped uncover characteristics and sides of myself that I didn’t even know existed and helped me decipher them piece by piece. I am truly grateful for her. Thank you Angie."

Yasmine A. 

Dubai, UAE 

Angie has helped me immensely along my journey. We started our sessions right before a huge shift in my career. She has helped me set educated timelines to my long-awaited goals, prioritize and start working towards them. We constantly had accountability calls/drop-ins which always gave me a sense of accomplishment. Angie also helped me with setting up a daily schedule to ensure that I am maximizing, organizing my day and achieving all my to-dos without overwhelming myself. Finally, her constant support, energy and pride in your achievements always gives you that extra push you need until your next session - which I’m going to extremely miss. It’s been a pleasure :)

Dubai, UAE

Angie is, by no doubt, one of the most emphatic and resourceful life and mindset coaches in the industry. She has helped me identify and clarify very complex cluttered thoughts, beliefs and opinions about myself. Through this journey, I have identified, reflected, and progressed in the direction that I always wanted to pursue in my life, The chaotic mindset that I had blocked my path until working with Angie Gira. She taught me how to think and reflect clearly through methodologies that actually worked for me, and I am sure would also work for many others like myself.
By far, the best decision and results I have come across.

Dubai, UAE 

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