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Untangle the knots holding you back

Is Coaching Right For You?

You're committed to doing the inner-work.

You believe it's time for a change in your life.

You feel fearful, doubtful, uncertain, yet willing.

You're looking for clarity and guidance on your journey.

We aren't born to settle for an unfulfilling life. 

Private Coaching Sessions. These sessions are tailored directly to your desired goals and outcomes. 

Accountability. Accountability is a HUGE part of ensuring growth and achieving your goals.

Messaging Support.  It's important for me that you feel supported in-between our scheduled sessions. 

Confidentiality Guaranteed.  All our sessions are 100% confidential.



Kuwait City

When I started loving myself and caring for myself, I found someone who could love me the way I always
wanted to be loved. He calls me his"dream girl". Your client who is forever grateful for
you has also lost 19kgs since her first session with you. Also, it takes zero effort now to tell myself beautiful things in the mirror because it now happens naturally and unintentionally. I'm also not afraid anymore to have strong opinions about anything and everything when in a gathering and gurl I am HEARD.
Angie I will FOREVER appreciate what you did to my life. You were my turning point and one day I promise you I will be telling that to my kids and definitely in one of my TED talks

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