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As your Life & Mindset Coach, my role is to facilitate the path towards your greatest aspirations.

Empowring you to live a life you love.


Create the art piece that is your story.

Ignite Your Spark

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Personal Life Coaching Packages

Virtual 1:1 life & mindset coaching with Angie tailored towards your goals. 

Downloadable Empowering Tools

Downloadable interactive personal growth & development tools. 

Is Coaching Right For You?

Your coaching sessions are uniquely designed around your ultimate goal.  

Find out if you're ready to get started.

You're open to taking actions that will elevate you.

You're open to exploring your potential.

You're committed and ready to believe in yourself.

You're open to assembling your best self.

What Working With
Me 1:1 Looks Like

My role as your coach is to guide you towards sustainable and fulfilling success.

Don't settle. This is your time, beautiful human.

Private Coaching Sessions. These sessions are tailored directly to your desired goals and outcomes. 

Accountability. Accountability is a HUGE part of ensuring growth and achieving your goals.

Messaging Support.  It's important for me that you feel supported even in between our scheduled sessions. Therefore, you will be able to reach me directly in-between sessions. 

Confidentiality Guaranteed.  Your sessions are 100% confidential unless you authorize otherwise. 

Are you ready to start living the life YOU want?


I loved working with Angie! Her enthusiasm and ability to truly listen to another person is so precious. She really helped me to notice some of my limiting beliefs by asking right and deep questions as well as form some simple daily habits for a happier and more positive life.


We covered different parts of my life such as relationships, changing my career path as well as motivation. Her knowledge and skills turned out to be well-applicable to each one of them. I feel like with every session we went deeper and I was able to learn more about myself.


Also, Angie has such an effortless ability to build strong connections that only makes you feel comfortable to share and open up. Thank you Angie, I am very grateful that we have met!


London, UK

You are capable of all that you aspire to achieve.